Meghan Rimol follows her passions

(Photo: Kait Taylor)

by Caitlyn Blood
Presidency and the Press

Although only seventeen and living in the small town of Londonderry, NH, Meghan Rimol’s dreams are big. When asked where she saw herself in ten years, she smiled. “Ten years is a long time, but I’d like to see myself as a magazine editor…to Reader’s Digest.”

Rimol found her passion for journalism when she was in her sophomore year of high school and started writing for her school’s newspaper, The Lancer Spirit. It was there she learned the tricks of interviewing, writing a couple of entries a month on sports stars to faculty around the school. When Rimol’s editor-in-chief told her about a program he was assisting in during the summer, she jumped at the chance to participate. “I thought it would be a great experience to work on my journalism skills and get more interested in politics,” said Rimol. She also looks forward to her senior year of high school, where she will be the editor-in-chief for her paper.

Rimol’s inspiration is a man named Neuharth, the founder of USA Today. “He’s..relatable. He started out in a small town and made a lot out of himself.” She hopes to go to Syracuse University, or a university in Washington D.C., majoring in, of course, communications.

Though journalism is a major part of her life, she also finds skiing as a passion. “I’ve been skiing since I was three. I even got ski on Mt.Washington!” She enjoys free-style skiing and being able to put her own spin on the sport.

After skiing, Rimol is asked about issues she finds important that are often “swept under the rug.” She nods and starts with, “Global warming. I mean like recycling and organic foods are important right now and a lot of it is being ignored.”

Though she finds it disappointing that so many are ignoring the health of the planet, she finds hope in the younger generations. “Thanks to media like Facebook or Google, I think a lot of the younger kids are more aware of what’s going on.”

Throughout the entire interview, there is a sparkle in Rimol’s eye, filled with positivity and drive. Though there is no certainty for the future, Meghan Rimol is a passionate young woman who’s sure to keep dreaming!



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