Prospective writer exploits resources

(Happy to be Writing:Kait Taylor)

Biography: Sierra B
by Adam Haidari
The Presidency and The Press


Sierra Baldwin, 17, of Londonderry, NH is attending this year’s The Presidency and The Press.

The conference, hosted annually by Franklin Pierce University, is an annual seminar for high school students interested in political journalism.

Baldwin’s interest with the program began through her involvement in her high school writing courses. “My teacher gave me a pamphlet and said, “ here your good at writing you’ll like this””.

Baldwin fosters her skills by enrolling herself in the numerous classes offered such as Journalism I, Journalism II, Sports Journalism, and other writing specific courses. In addition to excelling in the classroom Baldwin is greatly involved in her school newspaper.

Baldwin will be a senior this coming fall and looks towards college and her career as a writer in the real world.


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