Fitzwater relays message of hope to get through it all


Fitzwater in a press conference at the Marlin Fitzwater Center (Photo: Jon Holmes)

by Thomas Dynan and Jon Holmes

Marlin Fitzwater proved that no matter how big or small a problem is, it can be fought with the ideology of hope.

Cancer can be grueling and challenging for those affected by it. Fitzwater has suffered from two bouts of cancer, but has survived with an optimistic attitude.

“It’s not so different from any other illness,” said Fitzwater. “It’s not so bad.”

Fitzwater said that a friend, Nancy Reagan, the former president’s wife, found hope that propelled her to being cancer free.

In 1972 Fitzwater was diagnosed with skin cancer.  He then contracted prostate cancer in 1997. Fitzwater said that the “hope factor” was instrumental in his recovery.


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