From Press Secretary to playwright

by Jacob Jaehne

Former Press Secretary Marlin Fitzwater visited Franklin Pierce University this Sunday to meet with students enrolled in the Presidency and the Press program.  Along with a luncheon with the students, Fitzwater answered questions and shared his memories about his life.

(Photo: Jen Connors)

(Photo: Jen Connors)

Fitzwater delivered an anecdote for each part of his life with a smile.  However, it was his explanation of being a playwright that enthralled him most.  Fitzwater said that writing a play was a “great experience”.

In his play, Empire Falls, Fitzwater depicted the tale of the relationship between George H. W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev, in which Bush argued with Gorbachev about the Berlin Wall.

Fitzwater said the memory was a “thrill” working with actors and directors who helped portray his work. His favorite memory from that time was when the announcer called his name at Ford’s theater in Washington, D.C.

According to Fitzwater, writing plays was different than anything he was used to writing as a journalist.  Despite this, Fitzwater said that this experience was an extension of journalism training that would later help when he would become the longest serving Press Secretary in history.

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