Missing the Homestead was bittersweet

by Austin Christopher

(Photo; TIm Nazzaro)

(Photo; TIm Nazzaro)

The 2013 Presidency and the Press participants glanced at the clock after their lecture at the New Hampshire State Library; it was already past 3:00pm. The realization that they would miss their final destination, the Franklin Pierce Homestead Historic Site,  passed over them. The decision to skip the visit was bittersweet.

The time spent asking questions and furthering their knowledge at the State House and Library affected the schedule, but it was well worth it. Campers spent a lot of time at the State House talking to Senator Lou D’Allessandro, who was very adamant in answering their questions. At the State Library, Dr. Nevious was the spokesperson for the group as she led the question asking right away.

Although bummed about the changed schedule, the students were happy with the extra time spent at the first two stops. Jeffrey Ahlquist stated about staying late, “We gained a better knowledge of what really goes on in the state and what being involved really entails”. Colin Dudgeon felt that, “[Michael York, State Librarian] had interesting insights into the 2016 Presidential Primary, we had to ask a few questions”.

Luckily for the four Fitzwater scholars, the trip to the Homestead will be postponed to the fall when they arrive on campus for their first year of college.

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