New Hampshire State Librarian says NH Primary is critical

by Emily Casey

New Hampshire State Librarian Michael York said that New Hampshire takes great pride in the presidential primary and sets the tone for the nation.


(Photo: Tim Nazzaro)

York explained that New Hampshire has held the first Primary since 1952. Often times the primary will accurately predict the outcome of the Presidency. It has become tradition that New Hampshire holds the first in the nation, although several states are doing their best to change this.

States such as Arizona and Florida have previously attempted to move the date of their Primary to occur before New Hampshire’s with the belief that the first primary brings in more revenue than the others. However, York explained that the New Hampshire Motor Speedway takes in a larger profit in two days than the entire election will in their four years.

The states have also declared that due to the lack of diversity in New Hampshire, they are not a proper representation of the rest of the country.

“I’m not sure there is a state that will perfectly represent the United States,” said York.

As the students entered the room, their eyes were drawn to the campaign posters set up around them. From John Kerry to Bill Clinton, some of the most influential candidates were represented.

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