Visit to NH Statehouse proves to be capital

by Ronald Cooper

(Photo; TIm Nazzaro)

(Photo: TIm Nazzaro)

The students attending the Presidency and the Press program for a week in July at Franklin Pierce University visited the New Hampshire Statehouse Monday, where they learned about the capital of New Hampshire as well as it’s history. “It was fun and educational,” one student said.

During their visit students learned that not all candidates are serious. One candidate changed his name to Vermin Supreme to attract attention. Part of Supreme’s platform is a mandatory toothbrushing law.

The state house tour also featured war torn flags from battles past

While inside of the New Hampshire capital students visited the Deputy Secretary of State, the Governor’s office, and the House and Senate Chambers, the oldest continuously used state house and chambers in the entire nation. Students also met with Lou D’Allesandro, Democratic Senator to the State Senate representing the 20th District since 1998.

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