Shaheen praised by employee to P&P

by Thomas Dynan

The Presidency and the Press had the chance to talk to Jean Shaheen’s StateDirector Mike Vlacich experinces with her and as a


Mike Vlacich tells of his experiences in politics (photo Jeffrey Ahlquist)

professional with others.

Vlacich told us in grave detail the aura that follows Senator Shaheen,  and was relentless in talking of Shaheen’s authenticity as both a person and worker. She isn’t just a nice politicians but also an extremely likable person. Vlacich told of times where Shaheen would take the blame for a staff member’s mistake instead of blaming someone else for the problem. Overall the consensus is that Shaheen is a true pleasure to work with.

Having worked for many different politicians and campaigns Vlacich said that its difficult working for different politicians upon being asked how that was. “One candidate may be different than another or may want to achieve a similar goal in a different way.” So as a worker you can’t assume a candidate would want a task done an exact way.

Vlacich raved of internships to get experience with politicians in campaigns, he said “they (internships) are very helpful.”

So for those looking to work in politics Internships will help as will working under a politician like Jean Shaheen.


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