Students learn tricks of the trade to broadcasting

by Jacob Jaehne

The participants of the Presidency and the Press program walked through the large doors of WMUR-9 in Manchester yesterday to learn about the broadcasting process.  Along

(Photo: Tim Nazzaro)

(Photo: Tim Nazzaro)

with observing a live broadcast, the group talked with the station’s News Director, Alisha McDevitt.

Trent Spiner, a Franklin Pierce alumnus, gave a tour to the group and gave a description of his career as an Assignment Editor

In the meeting, McDevitt gave the participants a synopsis of her career, an insight in the business, and advice to the students looking in a career in journalism.  Participant Timothy Wood said that he learned a lot from the entire experience.

“I liked the atmosphere from behind the scenes, it was cool to learn that if you make a mistake in a broadcast, you just move on,” said Wood.

Participant Emily Casey of Londonderry also got a lot out of the experience.  Casey, an editor for the Lancer Spirit, the school newspaper at Londonderry High School, said the experience helped with her outlook on her work.

“I learned how hard reporters work and how much time it takes to do what they do in the newsroom,” said Casey.  “The experience is going to understand importance of [journalism] and appreciate how I do things now.”

According to Casey, the experience opened her eyes to a possible future in broadcasting.

“It has definitely put an impact on what I want to do with my career,” Casey said.

Wood said, “After the trip, I am going to have to look into television news reporting.”

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