The scholars at the Presidency and the Press dine with fame at the Red Arrow Diner

(Photo: Jeff Alquist)

(Photo: Jeff Alquist)

by Hanna Lundgren

The scholars from the Presidency and the Press wrapped up their day in Concord with a trip to the famous Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, New Hampshire for an early dinner.

The atmosphere at this stop on the road to the Presidency, is like a time capsule. Well known celebrities have all dined in this restaurant, and their name plaques rest where they sat. All of the students enjoyed meandering the diner to scope out their potential seat buddies and when Jacob Jaehne discovered Diane Sawyer, he was ecstatic. Many others have had a meal there such as Adam Sandler, Chris Daughtry, Guy Fieri, and President Obama and other politicians.

The Red Arrow diner is known not only for its famous guests, but for its true meaning of the word diner. The definition of a diner is a restaurant that is small enough to pick up and move the next day and the lines around the block are a great example. But, even these distinguished guests are treated as equals and like in elementary school are not permitted to cut the line.

Another known tradition at this diner  is the process of “de-virginizing” any new comer to the restaurant. This calls for a ring of a bell and announcement of the ceremony followed by the distribution of a souvenir sticker. Another worthy tradition is the signing of the guest book by every guest who has ever eaten there. Employee Tina said, “My favorite part about my job is getting to meet new people everyday and have fun doing it.”

Every student with the Presidency and the Press conference agrees that their experience at this delicious diner was worthy of a return. With breakfast, lunch and dinner being served 24/7 students chose an array of meals.

With the bell rung and the guest book signed, the students took a last group photo in the front of the diner before their return to Rindge, New Hampshire at the Franklin Pierce University.

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