Hatch hunts for a career

by Alison Kaiser

Inspired by her passion for academics, Ashlynn Hatch is on a mission to find her purpose in the working world.

 Hatch is a student at Newfound Regional High School in Danbury, New Hampshire. She has a long harbored passion for politics, she doesn’t know whether or not she will pursue it as a career. 

This program finds Hatch at a crossroads in her life, and she hopes that The Presidency and The Press will push her towards a career and awaken an interest in writing.

She is about to enter her sophomore year of high school, and will be taking a course in AP Macroeconomics. 

Aside from politics and economics, Hatch has an interest in world history, but American History piques her interest the most. Hatch is an honor student and has received many academic awards.  She claims that she takes classes purely to fulfill the  credit requirements, but also implied that academics are  a source of joy for her.

 Hatch is a perfectionist, as shown in her attitude toward the program’s first writing assignment. Asked if she is enjoyed it,  Hatch responded, “No,” staring at her computer, “because I can’t get it right.”  



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