Second-time Press and the Presidency member pursues Nat Geo dream job

by Evelyn Cutting

Megan Twitchell dreams of being a journalist for the National Geographic magazine.

Megan attended the Presidency and the Press program last year and was also on the team of students who went to the presidential inauguration to report for the Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communication. She has taken several classes on journalism and media and hopes to become a journalist, maybe even for National Geographic magazine. Megan loves how news is intriguing and constantly changing.

She would like to be both a writer and a photographer for the magazine, but if she had to choose one she’d prefer writer. Megan loves history – she is, in fact, looking forward to AP World History next year – and different cultures, and wants to travel the world to see them as a journalist. If she couldn’t get a job with Nat Geo, she says she’d like to be a conflict journalist and go to war-torn countries and report back on what goes on in the midst of warfare.

Megan is also involved in a program that feeds hungry students in her district back home in Kingswood. Currently a junior, she has been a part of this program for a few years now – and intends to come back next year for the program, so long as she is allowed – and is very proud of what it achieves. It supplies food to students who do not have “food security” over the weekend away from school.

This program is called “Knights Against Hunger,” and she compares it to the End 68 Hours of Hunger program that other schools have in place. This program has been around for five years and feeds around 20 high school students and 10 middle school students, according to Megan.

“It’s amazing to think how many students are struggling with food security. I am really proud of this program,” says Megan with a bright smile.

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  1. And I thought I knew everything about Megan.

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