Stefne Ricci faces conflicting career choices

by  Isaiah Dokus

Stefne Ricci is deciding between a career in teaching or journalism.

“People need the truth,” she said in an interview on July 15, “We need to clear the mud in the water.”

A rising junior at Pittsfield High School, Ricci believes that if she chose a career in journalism she would make the truth easier to understand. If she chooses a career in teaching she would like to teach high school english or young elementary school children.

Ricci does not side with the Democratic Party or the Republican Party, preferring to look at facts rather than opinions. She is interested in feminism and economics. 

Ricci also enjoys reading. Her favorite genres are fantasy and realistic fiction. She is currently attending the Presidency and the Press, where she hopes to improve her journalism skills.

One Response to Stefne Ricci faces conflicting career choices

  1. Isaiah, this is a succinct article that gets to the heart of who Stefne is as a person. In subsequent articles, I would like to see if you could make a more human connection, adding aspects of what motivates the subject in addition to the relevant facts.

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