Boston Herald editor-in-chief urges the press to regain public’s trust

by Emily Dunagin and Ravi Graves 

Joe Sciacca encouraged young journalists at the Presidency and the Press program at Franklin Pierce University to regain the public’s trust.

Trust in the media is at its all time low. “One third of our citizens don’t trust the press and media.” said Sciacca, who is also concerned that the media has become more about marketing than reporting.

For the last few years, economic pressures have begun to define journalism. In many cases it hasn’t been about recording accurately, rather it’s been focused too much on making headlines. “It’s often based upon ratings, not journalism.” Sciacca said.

These economic pressures have given rise to a large amount of of clickbait, which Sciacca said, “is not journalism.”

Due to the doubt and mistrust felt by American citizens, it had become easier for fake news to become spread and accepted.

When asked about the fate of journalism, Sciacca said, “I am hopeful that good journalism continues. You have to make a determination about the kind of journalist you want to be.”

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