Senator Morse hints at future plans to students

by Caleigh Plunkett

New Hampshire Senate President Chuck Morse, in a question-and-answer session with high school students, suggested Tuesday that he may be running for higher office in the near future.

The Presidency and the Press group was touring the State House when they had the opportunity to interview Morse.

His daughter is almost through school and the timing is right, he said.

Morse took the opportunity to cover a wide range of subjects, beginning with the opioid epidemic. Beginning with the previous administration under Governor Hassan, the New Hampshire government has made this a top priority. “There’s been no foot off the gas,” he said.

Morse confirmed his full support of the Northern Pass project, saying it was good for the state, would provide jobs, and would lower electric rates. He had told proponents that if they would bury 60 miles then he would support them and emphasized that he had kept his word.

Morse described strengthening his financial experience and became chairman of the finance committee. He takes great pride in his financial contributions to the state. “Building a budget is most challenging thing,” he said, while adding that he loves it.

He acknowledged that treating mental illness is a big problem in New Hampshire, suggesting that we need more staff and beds for mentally ill people. “We’re putting money behind it,” he said. “We realize there’s a problem.”

He had one piece of advice for the students – the same as what he told his daughter: “Do what you love. Once you are happy, you will excel.”

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