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Meghan Rimol follows her passions

A passionate journalist discusses her inspirations and dreams.

Prospective writer exploits resources

An enthusiastic young writer excels in the classroom and summer conference.

A head start towards Fitzwater Scholarship

You want to read this…trust me.

Dupuis Aspires to become President

A young man with a love of politics dreams of the presidency.

Small town girl aspires big city success

She is the editor-in-chief of her school paper, but dreams of being the next star on the hit T.V. show E!.

Young Journalists Meet at Franklin Pierce University

Young students venture to Franklin Pierce University to expand their journalistic skills with a little experienced help from former White House Press Secretary Marlin Fitzwater.

Aspiring Seacrest or CEO

Krysta Lewis is the next Ryan Seacrest – or so she hopes. Hailing from Auburn NH, Krysta has come to the Presidency in the Press program to learn about broadcast journalism and to improve her interviewing and marketing skills.

Caitlyn Blood explores interests in writing

Caitlyn Blood explores interests in writing

Caitlyn Blood is attending the Presidency and the Press this week to sharpen her journalistic skills and apply her knowledge through writing.

Aspiring journalist embarks on new adventure

It only took Emily Houston a year on her high school newspaper before being elected editor of Lancer life, a section of the newspaper dedicated to informing students of various activities.

Kolacny likes to be liked

Laurel Kolacny, future Editor-In-Chief of Abilene High School’s newspaper, the Booster, is determined to uphold the tradition of the publication, make this volume its best, and continue with her aspirations as a journalist.