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Students learn tricks of the trade to broadcasting

Visiting WMUR-9 opened the eyes of some of the students of the Presidency and the Press program to the world of television broadcasting.

Shaheen praised by employee to P&P

The Presidency and the Press had the chance to talk to Jean Shaheen’s StateDirector Mike Vlacich experinces with her and as a professional with others.

Advancement in technology has dramatically changed the media and the political playing field

The dynamics of politics and the media have changed dramatically because of the technology offered to the citizens

The scholars at the Presidency and the Press dine with fame at the Red Arrow Diner

The students attending the Presidency and the Press have dinner at the famous Red Arrow Diner.

“Direct Democracy”: State Senator Lou D’Allessandro on New Hampshire Politics

Forty years in politics speaks volumes about New Hampshire’s special role in national politics.

Visit to NH Statehouse proves to be capital

Students attending the Presidency and the Press at Franklin Pierce University learned about the history of one of the oldest states in the Union.

New Hampshire State Librarian says NH Primary is critical

NH State Librarian Michael York stressed the significance of the NH Primary to P&P students.

Missing the Homestead was bittersweet

The campers may have missed a destination, but it was worth it

Two college students share their campaign experiences

Sarah Rodriguez and Jen Connors reminisce with P&P students about being on the campaign trail as journalists.

From the President to Mickey Mouse

David Valdez took his talents from the White House to Walt Disney