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Nick Cantatore’s broad interests spark ideas for the future

Nick Cantatore: an aspiring politician among other things

Video: President Card shows his Pierce while being interviewed by Alex and Alex on both Politics and Pierce

Junior Political Science Major’s Alex Powell and Alex Malm interview with President Card.

Marlin Fitzwater and public service: 4 decades served, 4 lessons shared with P&P students in 2013.

Marlin Fitzwater offers P&P participants four important lessons from his time in public service.

Fitzwater relays message of hope to get through it all

Despite two bouts of cancer, Fitzwater shows the impact of hope.

From Press Secretary to playwright

The longest serving Press Secretary in history, Marlin Fitzwater explains a great memory from his life.

Fitzwater jumps from small town sports writer to Press Secretary

Marlin Fitzwaters climb to his acclaimed profession as the Press Secretary was challenging. This jump from a small town farmer boy to the Press Secretary is an interesting journey full of accomplishments and hard work that everyone can admire.

Marlin Fitzwater speaks about his experience as a playwright

Marlin Fitzwater explains his love for being a playwright

Marlin Fitzwater’s career focused on the importance of American foundation

Marlin Fitzwater holds the documents of America’s past in high esteem

Fitzwater: Press Secretary isn’t for the faint of heart

Telling the country we were going to war was one of the toughest parts of being Press Secretary.