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Brett Bosley makes the transition from the diamond to the control room

From playing the game to broadcasting it, Brett Bosley made big changes during his college career.

Ronald Cooper finds his place in politics

Is this the start of his road to the White House?

Incoming freshman prepares for Mass Communication major

Future Franklin Pierce attendee narrows down his future during the Presidency and the Press Conference.

P&P students expand their talents

The Presidency and the Press students tested their journalistic comfort zones in July from Rindge to Concord.

Emily Casey finds her passion for journalism

Emily Casey explains how she entered the journalism field and how Presidency and the Press is helping her achieve her goals.

Incoming Fitzwater Scholars anticipate upcoming academic year

Four Fitzwater scholarship winners are among eleven P&P members

Student finds new interests at P&P

Jon Holmes started out knowing he would like to be an author, but never thought of jumping to journalism.

Political but theatrical

The light tones of a ukulele can occasionally be heard coming from

Presidency and Press camper Austin Christopher

Multi talented athlete has learned more than just how to play sports

A look inside of the mind of Colin Dudgeon

A look inside of the mind of Colin Dudgeon proves to be an interesting one.