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Brendan Sica planning his prospects in politics, despite his busy schedule.

Brendan Sica, the “people person” with a planned political future.

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Award-winner Taylor Yeley wants to take her talents to college

Taylor Yeley has dual talents, she works both behind and in front of the camera.

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Nick Cantatore’s broad interests spark ideas for the future

Nick Cantatore: an aspiring politician among other things

Caleigh Plunkett combines bravery and creativity

“Someone has to tell them it’s wrong.”

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Pinkerton student wants to influence future generations

“She spoke loudest through a pen.”

Hatch hunts for a career

Fifteen year old honor student strives for purpose in future.

Emily Dunagin uses journalism insight to write civil rights novel

Emily Dunagin uses journalism insight to write civil rights novel

Student Emily Dunagin has already completed two novels before starting her senior year of high school.

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Dow gets a jumpstart on career in cardiothoracic pediatrics

She hopes to create new and innovative solutions to cure cardiovascular illnesses and disorders in children.

McKeever has an unusual way to stay connected to her family

Tattoos are a good way for incoming students to maintain a connection with their families.

Evelyn Cutting creates change with imagination

High school freshman Evelyn Cutting managed to help deliver over 200 pairs of shoes to Haiti.