White House, Presidential Politics and Melinda Fitzwater

She has been a conservative all her life from being cousins with 2008 Presidential Candidate Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), meeting her husband in the White House and being born in Oyster Bay Cove in Long Island, New York the home of Teddy Roosevelt.  Melinda Fitzwater is a strong willed and opinionated woman who met her husband Marlin Fitzwater, who was President’s Reagan and Bush Press secretary.Mrs. Fitzwater worked in the White House’s Visitor’s Office for President Reagan.
Melinda didn’t marry Marlin until January of 1999 because her husband was so busy, she wanted to have a nice wedding in Maryland but instead her husband had to go down to Florida to make a speech. They decided they would have a small wedding in Venice Florida where she had his kids and her parents of where the total number for the wedding was only 19.
Her cousin is Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) where in Maryland she was a delegate at the Republican National Convention; she said that the only reason why she was a delegate was because he was family. She met Sarah Palin in the hotel in Minnesota where she was staying for the Convention. Melinda met Palin’s parents, where she was excited in the beginning that he picked her but that died slowly when time went on. She is not sure which candidate would be good to beat the Obama administration but she would support them and that she believes the President is “scarring the American people” on debt ceiling and that she believes that the nation wont fail. The Tea Party according to Mrs. Fitzwater is an entertaining right wing group that she hopes they realize that it is better to work together with the republicans than fight with them.Fitzwater admires what Michelle Bachmann has done but she hopes that Bachmann can “speak correctly” and get her facts right.
She has stated that she does not plan on running in Maryland politics because of two reasons: the first being it is a democratic held state and the second being that it is easier to have a strong opinion than being a die hard politician. Marlin and Melinda Fitzwater have been married a total of 12 years and hope there are many more to come.

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