Jen Connors: A journalistic driving force

“Jen Connors spends more time in the J-lab (journalism lab) than most people spend in their house,” said Bobby Driscoll, a junior at FPU.

Jen Connors, from Rye, New York, has been working in the Fitzwater Center for her entire Franklin Pierce career. As a Fitzwater scholar, She’s been working at the FPTV station for all four years of college, and has been on the Board of Directors since she was a sophomore.

She’s also the Social Media Director of Fitzonline, the website of the Fitzwater center. She is in charge of updating the Facebook and other social media pages of the Marlin Fitzwater Center.

Outside of FPU, she interns at WGBH. She’s been involved in the airing of a new PBS show, “Market Warriors,” from the producers of “Storage Wars.”

As a journalist and a scholar, she maintains a healthy relationship with her co-workers.

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  1. susan grunseich

    You go Jennifer. Good luck with the show, I will be sure to watch it. Your grandparents would be so proud of you as we all are.

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