Marlin Fitzwater speaks about his experience as a playwright

by Jeffrey D. Ahlquist

(Photo: Jeffrey D. Ahlquist)

(Photo: Jeffrey D. Ahlquist)

Empires Fall was written by Marlin Fitzwater and Franklin Pierce University Professor Robert Lawson.  The play was written to show the connection between George Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev.

The former White House Press Secretary, Marlin Fitzwater responded with excitement when asked the question “what was it like writing a play?”  “Writing a play is so different than journalism and basic information.”

Fitzwater answered   “First of all it’s basically fiction and you make it up. It’s your ideas, your words, you can see the players and how it all goes.”

He mentioned his joy for seeing actors portray the roles that he shaped himself. Fitzwater vividly explained how much he enjoyed seeing his creation start to grow and come to life. “I had a lot of high moments in my life, a lot of real fascinating places and people but not many compare with being called on the stage at Forge Theater.”

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