Advancement in technology has dramatically changed the media and the political playing field

by Austin Christopher

(Photo: Sarah Rodriguez)

(Photo: Sarah Rodriguez)

The demographics of today’s world and society are changing. Gone are the days of the steam engine and the mechanical typewriter. Now, we rely heavily on the internet, computers and smartphones for almost every aspect of our lives. For the Presidency and the Press campers the change in technology over the years was a reoccurring theme all week.

The students visited the WMUR TV studio where the affect of technological change was more pronounced than anywhere else. When asked who watches TV to get their news, only a few hands were raised. However; when the campers were asked who uses the internet or a smartphone for information, every hand was in the air.

For a television studio like WMUR, this change produces a challenge. It is now about trying to find new ways to get their information heard. They have to create apps, websites and even webcasts to help them reach a broader audience. Gone are the days of citizens relying on the morning paper outside the front door.

The advancement in technology has also affected the campaign trail the campers learned. Now, every citizen has full access to speeches, debates and news stories and the information is easier to come by. Also, social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook play huge roles on the campaign trail today. Politicians can rely on the people to advance their cause through tweets and and status updates; someone who does not pay attention to politics may still form an opinion because of what they see on social media.

The dynamics of politics have changed dramatically because of the technology offered to the citizens.


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